The Old Ushijima Residence

         According toShimoimajyuku-kamado cho”, Mr.Isyuke Takayanagi, who was common soldier acted as “Otona-yaku”, lived and ran factorage at The Old Ushijima Residence in 1854.

       “Saga Hitori Annai” drawn in 1890 introduced it as a “Tabako Nakagai Sho Kai Riku Unsou Ten”- the cigarette brokerage dealer and ocean- land carrier business shop -, it included the copper engraving appearance of The Old Ushijima Residence.     

         The Takayanagi family ran oil business afterwards; but the residence was owned by the Ushijima family after World War . It was dismantled by road widening in 1993, and then restored the present location.

       Although the materials which be able to identify the building is not exist, it was estimated to be built in the first half of the 18th century by the result of having tried chronological order of Machiya-building architectural remains existing in Saga-City.

       This is valuable remains in knowing the construction of Machiya-building which based on lifethe castle town in the middle of Edo periodnevertheless, it undergo much remodeling.

       The well-built storehouse is located in the south side of The Old Ushijima Residence.

       It had functions of storing of accumulated wealth and warehouse which are indispensable for the merchant family.