The Old Sansho Bank

    The Old Sansho Bank was bought in December, 1893 and practiced medicine as KIZUKA Clinic.

    It is seemed that this building was small remodeled to make up for the function as the dwelling house of the clinic.  It is considered that large-scale remodeling was carried out in 1936 and in 1977 afterwards.

        It may be said that it is a bank building the breath in the times called the Meiji first half year,which have a characteristic of do not watch an example elsewhere, such as internal tolerant space constitution, the inside design including the second floor room and bold appearance design to attract the public eye.

        The Old Sansho Bank was established (1882) as bank resemblance Sansho Corporation which I carried out in February in 1882, and it was with an official bank in 1885, but went bankrupt for management aggravation in 1893. The building which existed was built as a store of this Sansho Corporation in 1882.