The Old Koga Residence

        The Old Koga Residence was the home of Zenpei Koga, the founder and president of Koga Bank. Although it was the home of a business man, it suggests the style of warrior family’s residence.

      When The Marquis Shigenobu Okuma retuned Saga, he seemed to often stay at The Koga Residence. In the present residence, the commemorative pictures at that time are exhibited.

      Please look at a valuable inheritance to still remain at the time of the building in 1884, which includes things such as “Ranma of HANABISHI-KIKKOU-MON” -fanlight of the crest of flower-shaped rhombus turtle carapace- and monkey painting wooden sliding door.

         According to “Hasuike-machi Kamado cho”in 1854, an ordinary town man, as a barber and day worker lived on the site of The Old Koga Residence, Mr.Zenpei Koga (the founder of the Koga Bank) acquired this site built the residence in 1884.

         The existing Koga Residence is this, where was lived over three generations, by Mr.Zenpei (the first president of the Koga Bank), Mr.Zenbei (the second) Mr.Zenichiro (the third, later changed given-name to Mr.Zenpei); however, the residence was relinquished due to dissolution of The Old Koga Bank in 1933.