The Old Fukuda Residence

        The Old Fukuda Residence is a house of Fukuda Keishro who played an active part as a businessman representing Saga from last years of Meiji to the Taisho era period ,the Showa era.

        The north side of the house faces "the street alley" which lies across Saga-shi Mizugae in the east.

        The Old Fukuda Residence has tea-ceremony room of the Sukiya style, Japanese-Western style and Western style reception room around a central room of gable-and-hip roof style 2 stories

         A garden, the east side is provided with a storehouse in the south side of the building.

         With the thing which the Japanese style house in Taisho era period from last part of Meiji, and was built of upper reaches gathers the best of the finished traditional building for Edo period.

        The Fukuda Residence is considered to be a building at the time when a technique and the art of the Japanese style building were full of tops.



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